Things you should know about Vardenafil

Vardenafil is the drug used to treat male erectile dysfunction. This drug works by enhancing the process that is performed by the body to result penis erection. cGMP is the compound that results in erection. This drug restricts the PDE5 to destroy cGMP resulting in long lasting erection. Generally, the drug come in the dose ranging from 2.5mg to 20mg. The initial dosage of the products depends on various factor included body’s reaction to the dose. Since it a drug and like all other drugs, it too has side and adverse effects too.

Side effects of the drug

Stomach Problem – Due to its reaction with the stomach, the effects such as stomach upset could take place. This also depends on the amount and time of the dose taken. About 10% of the men experience this side effect.

Skin flushing – Flushing of the skin and imprints of red patches are common on the face due to use of Vardenafil. The people who are skin sensitive are more prone to such side effects. This can even cause skin problem such as rashes and itching etc.

Irregular heartbeats – Irregular heart can be the results of the usage of this drug. Many cases have been registered of irregular heartbeats after using this drug.

Swelling in different body parts – Usage of this drug can cause swelling in different body parts such as foot, face and throat. This cause pain and discomfort to the victim of the side effect of this drug.

How to take the dosage

Taking the dosage depends on your requirement and your body’s capability to fight side-effects. The initial dosage for an average size person is recommended as maximum of 10mg every 24 hours. Also, the dosage is intended for consumption before 30 to 60 minutes of sexual intercourse.

Vardenafil are the tablets that must be swallowed and no drink and water should be used with tablet intake. These tablets show the effect slowly and activates its effect within maximum of hour.

Also, a man needs to be sexually aroused to let drug do its work. Therefore, before engaging yourself in the intercourse, make sure to do things that makes you arouse sexually.

General Advice at the last

Well if you are already using nitrate drugs then you should avoid taking Vardenafil as severe adverse effect could take place. Take proper prescription from a qualified and experienced practitioner. Using this drug can prove helpful in enhancing happiness and cheer in your life.