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It has long been known that state of health and mood directly depend on the quality of sexual life and satisfaction of both sexual partners. Certainly, psychological state is very important, however do not forget about physical health. We are talking about men’ s health and its influence on sexual life. Stress, depressions, unhealthy life style, alcohol, smoking and a lot of chronic diseases, (especially diseases of cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems) negatively affect erectile dysfunction of a man.

Today, there are a lot of medicines that improve erection. The most well known drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Each of these medications has a positive effect on the occurrence of erection, allowing men suffering from erectile dysfunction to lead a normal sexual life.

Levitra differs from other medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, since it is the safest and the most effective drug, contributing to maintain the optimal erection of the penis.

Description of Levitra

Levitra is the medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil is the active substance of Levitra. During sexual arousal, a physiological process contributes to the increasing of blood flow into the penis. Consequently, the penis fills with blood and an erection occurs. Levitra acts only on the natural mechanisms of erection. It does not affect the hormones level in the blood, it is very important for men who have problems with endocrine system.

The effect of Levitra starts to act in about 1 hour after intake of the tablet and its action lasts for 5 hours. Levitra does not have negative effect on fertility. Not less important thing that Levitra can be used by older people. Feedbacks about Levitra prove that it is really effective and safe medication.

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