If You Seek Amy

Well, Britney Spears is back. Her beats are talent, no doubt there. I guess I was just hoping she had some better messages for our girls. Why does she need to let us know that “all the boy s and girls are begging to if you seek Amy?” ( Say it fast a few times if you don’t get it…..)

Ok, we all got the message that being “hot” is, well, the hottest thing going at the moment. I guess Brit needs to let all the little girls who adore her know that being F-able is what they need to strive for. So, yeah, I’m  happy Brit seem s to be back on top of her game, sad to hear she’s feeling she has to sling more of the you-gotta-be- hot-or-get-laid-to-be-loved stuff around.

I’m not saying you should censor your daughters music. Don’t get me wrong. But I hope that you do talk to her about the messages she is bombarded with on a daily message. It’s important that you stay on top of what’s going on out in the world that will affect your daughters view of herself and the world around her. A good way to start the conversation is to get curious and ask her questions. No judging, nagging, or unasked for advice giving allowed. Just listen! And learn. And love her. That will do more than you know for her. As for Brit? Well, I hope one day she gets the message that her value is far more than her sexuality. I hope eventually, all of our daughters get the message.