Comparing the Hair Transplant Techniques

Many people have the misconception that the two hair transplant treatments, Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), are competing procedures. The truth is that both are complementary procedures for hair transplantation. Before you decide which procedure is appropriate for you, here is a brief overview of certain important points.

Consider the scarring –  It is not possible to get a surgery without a scar. If any hair restoration clinic or specialist claims this, you had better not opt for it. The scarring pattern is different; FUE leaves small, unpigmented dots across the back of the head (the donor site) while FUT leaves a linear scar at the site.

Consider the necessity –  If you need extensive hair transplant, FUT may be a better choice. As this procedure makes it possible to cover a large portion of the scalp within a short time, it is the right option if you have thin hair on most of your scalp. Looking for more info? : Dr Michael ZachariaIf you need the transplant to cover only a small area, FUE is the suitable option.

Consider the extraction method – In FUT, the hair transplant specialist removes a thin strip of hair from the donor site and divides it into small parts for dissection. The follicular units are extracted from these parts with the help of microscopes. In FUE, the follicular units are directly extracted from the donor area.

Consider the growth – The growth of the transplanted hair is faster and better if you undergo FUT. The extraction process involved in FUE often damages the individual hair follicles. This may have an adverse effect on the growth of the hair at the recipient site. This is not a problem with the strip surgery.

Consider the time –  It is possible to achieve fullness in a short time with FUT. As the procedure involves transplantation from strips of follicular units, harvesting of more grafts in a single session is possible. On the other hand, FUE requires multiple sessions for harvesting the same number of grafts.

Consider the costs – If you are planning to get a hair transplant to cover a large area, strip surgery is a cost-effective solution. It is the oft-chosen treatment because it offers better coverage and fullness at a low cost. FUE is an expensive procedure; it is, therefore, a better choice if you are planning to get a hair transplant to cover a small area.

Consider the side effects – Neither of these procedures have any serious side effects. However, you may experience swelling and itching in the donor or recipient areas. If this causes discomfort, you may ask the hair restoration specialist to prescribe medications to ease these. He/she may also recommend the use of specific care products for this period.